Ufora for all students from the start of academic year 2019-2020

(08-07-2019) From the start of academic year 2019-2020 all educational programmes of Ghent University will start using Ufora, the new online learning environment.

Ufora is the successor of the previous learning environment Minerva. Ufora offers teachers a broad range of opportunities to make interactive learning possible, for example by using video and the creation of personal learning paths.

Availability of courses

Two weeks before the start of academic year 2019-2020 all courses, except the courses of the Global Campus, will be available for students at Ufora. Individual teachers may choose to publicize their course before this moment. The courses at Minerva will still be available for review.


First steps in Ufora

If it is your first time using Ufora:

  • you might need to get used to the new navigation
  • you will need to set up your configuration (notifications and font size)

More information about the navigation and configuration of Ufora can be found at the Ufora for students site.