E-mails with attached virus going around at Ghent University - be extra alert!

(24-10-2019) Mails are circulating within Ghent University with a virus attached. Be extra alert and never open attachments to mails if you have doubts about the origin.

Specifically, it concerns Word documents as an attachment, eg DKMNT_2019_G_1134375.doc.

What is special, is that the emails seem to come from someone that appears in your address book, but the actual send addresses are malicious. You can see this if you look at the mail address of the sender, and not at the (recognizable) name. The mail addresses are very strange (eg jasitwa@bcsl.co.ke), which always points to phishing.

The mails are also often in correct Dutch, but don't be fooled by that! During the abuse, emails are used that were harvested from the mailbox of the infected colleague or fellow student. You will therefore see emails with recognizable content (this to inspire confidence).

Never open attachments if you have doubts about the origin!

If you would receive a virus mail (which has not yet been tagged as spam) it is recommended to send this mail as an attachment in a new message to with the subject 'phishing'.

We would like to ask you to discuss this point of interest with your colleagues and (fellow) students.