Wireless internet fully rolled out in almost 60 buildings

(07-02-2020) Over the past two years, DICT has invested 2.8 million euros in the accelerated roll-out of wireless internet for everyone. Today you can easily connect to the UGentNet in almost sixty locations in the entire building without a network cable.

The Department for ICT (DICT) has been fully committed in recent years to expanding and strengthening the Eduroam Wi-Fi network. This through the installation of 1,735 extra wireless access points (= access points), good for triple the coverage ratio. Quite a challenge, given that it takes on average one working day of working time to get an access point up and running. Usually several technicians work on setting up an access point at the same time. The effective installation time is therefore shorter.

The roll-out of WiFi technology was done in consultation with the ICT user committee and the Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at work, with additional advice from Ghent University academic experts. For example, the European radiation standards were always respected during the roll-out of the WiFi network.

Many students and employees are already using the improved WiFi network today. On a normal working day, an average of 19,000 devices are connected wirelessly simultaneously. A doubling compared to 2018.

In the coming years we will also provide the remaining locations with wireless internet. Renovation work is often under way in these locations or will start soon, just think of De Brug or the Oud Rectoraat. The re-cabling for WiFi then forms part of the total construction project.

DICT is also planning to do a check-up of the new access points in the first half of this year to check the completeness of the coverage. If you yourself know about so-called 'dark points' - places where the WiFi coverage is insufficient or absent - in the sixty fully rolled-out buildings (only here), let us know via the .