Research Data Management (RDM)

What is research data management?

Data management includes all actions needed to make research data discoverable, accessible and understandable in the long term: organization, documentation, storage, sharing and archiving.

Good research data management has many advantages: for yourself, for your research institute, for your discipline and for the world around us:

  • Ensuring the integrity of your research
  • Increasing the impact of your research
  • Supporting future use
  • Satisfying in- and external requirements

Full text of Policy framework for research data management at Ghent University

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Datamanagement plan (DMP)

A data management plan makes research data management concrete: what are you going to do and how?

Sharing of digital research data

Data can be shared very openly or sometimes not at all:

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Storage of data

There are countless ways to lose data. How do you keep your data findable and useable?

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