DMP requirements of external funders

Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)

From 2018 onwards, FWO will make research data management a key element in all their support channels. FWO expects researchers to pay due attention to this dimension before, during and after their research.

What does this actually mean?

Researchers will have to meet a number of new requirements.

  • when applying for funding: answering five questions in the "Data Management Plan" section of the FWO application form. The questionnaire can also be found on the FWO website. To help researchers fill in these questions, a guidance document is available as this (re)Search tip.
  • after approval of the application: turn the answers to the five questions into a full Data Management Plan (DMP), which must be submitted no later than six months after the start of the project or fellowship of the FWO. Ghent University researchers will be able to use the FWO DMP template that will soon be made available in the online data management planning tool
  • at the end of the research:
    • keep research data for at least five years
    • The evaluation of the final reports on projects and fellowships will include a section on the implementation of the DMP.  Researchers are expected to append to their final report on the completed research, the final DMP, which of course may have been updated since its first version.

FWO does not offer separate financing for the storage of research data during the research or for sustainable storage afterwards. Researchers do have the possibility to use the existing operating resources for the purchase of infrastructure for data management and storage. On the application form these expenses can be described in the tab 'consumables'.

For whom?

The introduction of the new requirements will be gradual.

  • from application round 2018: for promoters of the projects for fundamental and strategic basic research
  • from application round 2020: also for PhD and postdoctoral fellowships

PIs, and later the fellows, must at all times be able to account for the data management of the projects or fellowships concerned.

See also the dedicated webpage on the FWO website.

Horizon 2020

Researchers who wish to apply for funding from the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020, are invited to include a paragraph on data management in their project proposal.