Privacy and research

The Privacy Act enforces legal obligations and constraints in relation to the processing of personal data. From the Privacy Commission, three general brochures were developed concerning the application of the Privacy Act. The first brochure deals with the statistical and sociological research, while the other two focus on historical research and biomedical research. Unfortunately, these brochures have only been made available in Dutch and French.

In addition to the general brochures, extra user guides for Ghent University researchers give step-by-step guidance through the online registration procedure at the Privacy Commission. The user guide for the biomedical research was developed by Bimetra Clinics in cooperation with the Commission for Medical Ethics and the Legal Services, the Information Security Consultant and the Research Integrity Advisor of Ghent University. Next to but based on this biomed user guide, a non-discipline specific guide is also offered. Both guides are in Dutch (for the time being).

Online registration

The online registration procedure costs €25. You will receive a registration receipt. Please carefully keep this receipt. If the Ethics Commission in your faculty or to which your faculty is connected, advised you to register your research at the Privacy Commission, you will have to provide a copy of this receipt to the Ethics Commission.

If registration at the Ethics Commission (ethical advice) or Privacy Commission is demanded as part of the funding procedure for fellowships and/or research projects at FWO, you have to hand in a copy of the registration receipt (Privacy Commission), together with your ethical advice, with the Research Department ().