Progress report

In short

The progress report is a monitoring tool that helps you to reflect on your progress, and helps your supervisor(s) and Doctoral Advisory Committee to evaluate the work you have done and the direction you have taken with your research.

Every PhD Student must report their progress in their Annual Progress Report during April-May-June of every year. This report consists of a section on the research itself and a section on activities that are part of the Doctoral Training Programme. This is an online report fully registered in OASIS.

The supervisor(s) and the Doctoral Advisory Committee members evaluate this report at the end of each year. They make a decision whether you are progressing well and can continue your research, or not.


Between 1 April until 30 June each PhD student has to upload and submit the annual progress report. An approved progress report is a necessary prerequisite for the activation of the online re-enrolment for the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and for the doctorate for the next academic year. As such, it becomes a portfolio identifying the areas of expertise you have invested in during your PhD research.

For technical guidelines on how to complete this report, consult the Doctoral Schools infopage.

Once you have submitted, your supervisor will need to approve your progress report and the Doctoral Schools Coordination Unit will check whether all requirements to your curriculum have been fulfilled.

Next, you will be notified by e-mail whether the status of your curriculum is ‘approved’. Only then, you will be able to re-enrol online, simultaneously for the doctorate and the DTP, through OASIS.

Remember to re-enrol online before 1 October.