FP7: ERC grant holders at Ghent University

(*): These grantees also act as ERC ambassadors and are available to offer first-hand info and advice on the application procedure for Ghent University ERC grant candidates. The column indicates for which ERC panel.

Starting Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC Panel (*) Acronym Title Duration: 60 months from
Eva Benkova LS HCPO Hormonal cross-talk in plant organogenesis 1 July 2008
Jóhanna Barðdal SH4 EVALISA The Evolution of Case, Alignment, and Argument Structure in Indo-European 1 October 2013
Peter Bienstman PE7 NaResCo Novel paradigms for massively parallel nanophotonic information processing - Nanophotonic reservoir computing 1 January 2010
Eva Brems SH2 ECHR Strengthening the European Court of Human Rights: More Accountability Through Better Legal Reasoning 1 November 2009
Koen Bostoen SH6 KONGOKING Political centralization, economic integration and language evolution in Central Africa: An interdisciplinary approach to the early history of the Kongo kingdom. 1 January 2012
Nathalie De Geyter PE8 PLASMATS Plasma-assisted development and functionalization of electrospun mats for tissue engineering purposes 1 February 2014
Christophe Detavernier PE8 COCOON Conformal coating of nanoporous materials 1 January 2010
Koen De Temmerman SH5 Novelsaints Ancient novelistic heroism in the hagiography of Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages 1 February 2014
Lieven Eeckhout PE6 DPMP
Dependable Performance on Many-Thread Processors
1 October 2010
Jiri Friml PDSP Polarity and subcellular dynamics in plants 1 February 2012
Bart Lambrecht LS6 ERStress Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in dendritic cells and immune-mediated lung diseases 1 December 2010
Mohamed Lamkanfi LS6 SigNLRact Signaling and activation pathways of the NOD-like receptors Ipaf, Nlrp1b and Nlrp12 1 January 2012
Rino Morent PE8 PLASMAPOR Plasma penetration into porous materials for biomedical, textile and filtration applications 1 June 2012
Gilles Pourtois SH4 Anxiety and cognition
How anxiety transforms human cognition: an Affective Neuroscience perspective 1 November 2008
Korneel Rabaey LS9 ELECTROTALK Starting an electrical conversation between microorganisms and electrodes to achieve bioproduction 1 October 2012
Günther Roelkens PE7 MIRACLE
Mid-InfraRed active photonic integrated circuits for life sciences and environment
1 December 2010
Veronique Van Speybroeck PE4 KINPOR First principle chemical kinetics in nanoporous materials 1 January 2010
Peter Van Nuffelen SH6 MEPIHLA Memory of empire: the post-imperial historiography of late Antiquity 1 January 2013
Jo Van Steenbergen SH6 MMS The Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate. Political Traditions and State Formation in 15th century Egypt and Syria 1 October 2009
Dries Van Thourhout PE7 ULPPIC Ultralow power photonic integrated circuits for short range interconnect networks

1 January 2011

Frederick Verbruggen SH4 UTM Updating The Mind: The mechanism behind behavioural change

1 February 2013

Consolidator Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC Panel (*) Acronym Title Duration: 60 months from
Nico Callewaert LS7 GlycoTarget Exploring the targeted delivery of biopharmaceuticals enabled by glycosylation control
Tijl De Bie PE6 FORSIED Formalizing Subjective Interestingness in Exploratory Data Mining 1 September 2015 (to 30 April 2019)
Joris Thybaut PE8 i_Cad Innovative Catalyst Design for Large-Scale, Sustainable Processes 1 June 2014
Kris Verheyen LS9 PASTFORWARD Development trajectories of temperate forest plant communities under global change: combining hindsight and forecasting 1 June 2014


Advanced Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC Panel (*) Acronym Title Duration: 60 months from
Roel Baets PE7 InSpectra Silicon-photonics-based laser spectroscopy platform: towards a paradigm shift in environmental monitoring and health care 1 February 2011
Dirk Inzé LS9 AMAIZE Atlas of leaf growth regulatory networks in MAIZE 1 February 2014
Guy Marin PE8 MADPII Multiscale Analysis and Design for Process Intensification and Innovation 1 May 2012
Jan Tavernier LS1 CYRE Cytokine Receptor Signaling revisited: Implementing novel concepts for cytokine-based therapies 1 February 2014
Yves Van De Peer LS2 Double-up The importance of gene and genome duplications for natural and artificial organism populations

Proof of Concept

Principal Investigator
Acronym Title Duration: 12 months from
Roel Baets InBreathe
Integrated photonics for breath analysis 1 September 2012
Lieven Eeckhout DaMon
Datacenter Monitoring for Improving Insight and Efficiency 1 November 2012
Peter Bienstman CuP Circuit level photonic design 1 February 2013
Christophe Detavernier PaNaCo Particle Nano Coater 1 August 2014

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