Europe in a changing world - ACCOMPLISSH

H2020 SC6 SSH

The carefully chosen acronym ACCOMPLISSH stands for: Accelerate co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platform for impact from Social Sciences and Humanities. It covers the project in a single word: we will accomplish the challenge of creating an innovative valorisation concept that will strengthen the position and impact generation of SSH research and contribute to innovation for a variety of lead-users and end-users.

ACCOMPLISSHTraditional valorisation approaches focus on linear processes: from academia to society. In order to bring valorisation to a higher level, all relevant actors need to cooperate in an equal setting: co-creation. Co-creation transcends boundaries, but it does not happen naturally. Therefore, the ACCOMPLISSH consortium, consisting of 14 universities from 12 countries, will actively involve the other partners from the so called Quadruple Helix (industry, governments and societal partners) within the project. The project has chosen an Open Innovation approach.

The ACCOMPLISSH project will set up a dialogue platform with representatives from academia, industry, governments and societal partners. The ACCOMPLISSH dialogue platform is organised in such a way that academia, industry, governments and societal partners equally contribute in identifying barriers and enablers of co-creation. The results from both practice and the theory of co-creation form the basis of the valorisation concept and will be tested in the project in a quadruple helix setting. This concept will be tested and developed in such a way that it is transferable, scalable and customized for academia, industry, governments and societal partners in the whole of Europe.


Societal challenges are complex. Therefore there is a need for partners to work together within the quadruple helix of the four key societal partners in order to address these challenges, and the specific role for SSH research which has been acknowledged by the European Commission. To address these challenges ACCOMPLISSH has formulated the following objectives:

  • To establish a collaboration platform with partners from government, academic, private and third sectors (quadruple helix);
  • To deliver an innovative model of valorisation;
  • To analyse the potential and challenges to SSH valorisation;
  • To bring a unified approach to SSH research impact to European universities;
  • To serve as an expert platform from which SSH knowledge can be transferred;
  • To develop new methods of research design and communications;
  • To identify barriers and enablers of value chain innovation from the SSH perspective;
  • To provide training and tools for both SSH researchers and research users to bridge the academic/non-academic gap and interconnect;
  • To actively contribute to SSH research as a cross-cutting theme throughout Horizon 2020 and beyond.


Role of Ghent University

Ghent University, together with the University of Glasgow, is work package leader of WP5 “Development of valorisation concept across the value chain”. A theoretical framework for the valorisation concept will be developed and constructed, as a result of the synthesis of co-creation theory and practice results from WP2 “Analysing co-­‐creation in theory and in practice”. This theoretical framework guides the analysis of co-creation into the valorisation concept. This result in an innovative, transnational and transferable valorisation concept that has proven its effectiveness in practice.



Prof. Alexis Dewaele
Department of Clinical-Experimental and Health Psychology
Phone number: +32 9 264 94 43

Prof. Ann Buysse
Department of Clinical-Experimental and Health Psychology
Phone number: +32 9 264 64 49

Prof. Jeroen Deploige, Prof. Koen Vlassenroot and Dr. Julie Carlier are also involved in the ACCOMPLISSH project.