Special Research Fund - Cofunding for Chinese candidates holding a CSC-grant


The cofunding has the same duration as the candidate's CSC-grant. For candidates who are already working on their PhD at Ghent University with a CSC-grant, the cofunding starts 1 July 2018 and ends when the CSC-grant stops.

Who can apply

Candidates must have the Chinese nationality and must apply for a CSC-grant in 2018 or be a PhD-student at Ghent University with a CSC-grant.

Candidates can look for a Ghent University promoter (=supervisor) in their domain of interest by browsing the list of faculties and research topics.

Candidates can apply maximum two times for a CSC-cofunding scholarship.

This cofunding is intended for students who either want to obtain a PhD degree at Ghent University or who want to take a joint PhD at both Ghent University and their Chinese home university. Students who want to obtain a PhD degree at their Chinese home university only, are not eligible for this cofunding initiative.

For more information about joint PhD degrees at Ghent university, see: http://www.ugent.be/doctoralschools/en/joint-phd/overview.htm

How does it work?

The candidate applies to Ghent University jointly with a promoter of Ghent University. The Research Council makes a selection of the applications. The recommendation is based on the evaluation of the doctoral project, the qualifications of the applicant and the scientific/scholarly potential of the promoter's research group(s).

How much funding is involved?

The cofunding consists of financing for living and accommodation (about €5.400/year), insurance (about €500) and a bench fee for the promoter (€3.720/year)


30 March 2018

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