BOF PhD scholarship with UNU-CRIS label

If the intended doctoral research fits within the theme "Challenges to Global or Regional Governance" the candidate and promoter can choose to apply for a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label. Proposals that focus on the regional dimensions of the following are particularly encouraged:

  1.  Climate governance
  2. Multi-level governance
  3. Subnational governance
  4. Sustainable governance
  5. Migration governance
  6. Trade governance
  • Within the context of the cooperation agreement between Ghent University, the Free University of Brussels and the United Nations University (UNU), -an independent Research Institute of the United Nations-, Ghent University allocates 2 BOF PhD scholarships with UNU-CRIS label on an annual basis since 2017. Holders of a BOF PhD grant with UNU-CRIS label are PhD students at Ghent University but will mainly (4 days/week) conduct their research in the United Nations University institute – CRIS, located in Bruges. On this campus, research is focused on processes of global and regional governance.
  • Applying for a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label requires a project proposal that is in line with the UNU-CRIS strategic vision note and the research themes mentioned in this vision note. The relevance of the doctoral research within the framework of UNU-CRIS should be clearly motivated in the application.
  • A statement by dr. Philippe De Lombaerde, Director ad interim of UNU-CRIS, should be added to the application form, in which he supports the application of the candidate for a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label. Dr. Philippe De Lombaerde can be contacted by e-mail via Management Assistant (, with the UNU-CRIS Policy and Communications Officer, (, in CC.
  • More information about UNU-CRIS can be found on their website .
  • If there are two or more BOF-doctoral scholarship applications submitted with a UNU-CRIS label that meet the necessary quality requirements, the ranked top two applications will be awarded.
  • After a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label has been awarded, the composition of the doctoral guidance committee needs to happen in accordance with the faculty regulations, but 1 additional UNU-CRIS representative should be added. In practice this will be either dr. Philippe De Lombaerde, Director ad interim of UNU-CRIS, or Prof. Glenn Rayp, UGent-liaison at UNU-CRIS.