Scientific committee evaluating the application

In order to evaluate the applications, the Research Council relies on its own scientific committees. These scientific committees consist of members representing the following faculties:

  1. Scientific Committee for the Humanities and Social and Economic Sciences (alfa-committee): Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Law and Criminology, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
  2. Scientific Committee for Exact and Applied Sciences (bèta-committee): Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
  3. Scientific Committee for Biomedical and Medical Sciences (gamma-committee): Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The application will be discussed in the Committee to which the promoter's faculty is assigned. If it is preferred that the application is discussed in another committee, this can be requested and motivated in the application.