Information on ethical and biosafety implications

Indicate whether the research proposal has important ethical and/or bio-safety implications. Does the project implies:

  • experiments on human beings? (ethical advice may be necessary)
  • experiments on vertebrates? (ethical advice may be necessary)
  • processing of personal data (AVG/GDPR legislation: compulsory registration in the register of processing activities)
  • working with genetically modified organisms? (bio-safety approval may be necessary)
  • working with biological agents, fytopathogens and/or zoopathogens? (bio-safety approval may be necessary)
In case the project is accepted for funding, a positive advice of the ethical commission and/or a certified bio-safety document will be necessary before the project can start. The processing of personal data must be also be registered.

In case of a negative advice of the ethical commission, the project will normally not be started. The project, then, can only be executed after it is adapted so that the ethical and/or bio-safety problems are solved and the innovation purposes are still attainable.

It is the responsibility of the promoters(s) of the project to provide the positive advice timely and/or to attest the bio-safety dossier timely.

For the bio-safety dossier, the SBB code (or AMV code) of the bio-safety approval as registered at the Office of the Environmental Coordinator. It is not necessary then to enclose the bio-safety dossier as an annexe.