Requirements candidates

To be eligible for Methusalem funding, each candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. you belong to the second category of professorial staff: full professor or (part-time) senior full professor;
  2. you have a (temporary) appointment of at least 80% at Ghent University. Combined appointments (together at least 80%) at on the one side Ghent University and on the other side Ghent University Hospital, VIB Gent, IMEC Gent, and/or Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, are also eligible. In case of a collaborative partnership between several Flemish universities, also combined appointments of at least 80% at Ghent University on the one side and one or more Flemish universities on the other side, are also eligible;
  3. you meet the criteria of excellence which show that you substantially contribute to the development of your scientific field and that you are internationally recognized for this contribution;
  4. prove that more than other researchers you have obtained research funding such as GOA, EU, EOS, FWO and/or VLAIO funding;
  5. you have a research group of sufficient critical mass, which can be shown, amongst others, by the number of postdoctoral researchers that has been part of it long-term;
  6. preferably you do not retire between 1 January 2021 (the earliest possible start date of the Methusalem funding) and 31 December 2027. This period of 7 years corresponds with the duration of the Methusalem funding.