VLIR-UOS International Conferences

The programme for International Conferences finances scientific conferences (including study days and symposia) on a specific development-related topic, which can take place in Flanders as well as in the South. The goal of the International Conferences programme is three-fold:
  • to exchange scientific knowledge and to contribute to the enhancement of scientific knowledge
  • to promote cooperation between academics, scientists and other actors involved (both North–South and South-North)
  • to generate interest in the North for the problems in developing countries

Who can apply?

The VLIR launches an annual call for proposal submissions. Selection takes place on a competitive basis. The proposals are always submitted by a Flemish professor.

What does the funding cover?

VLIR-UOS co-finances projects with a maximum budget of € 20.000 per conference.

For further information, please visit the VLIR-UOS website.