Vlir-UOS: Own Initiatives

With its budget for “Own Initiatives” VLIR-UOS finances research and training projects which are relevant to development. Own Initiatives are designed to strengthen the education and/or research capacity of the local partner by means of generating and exchanging knowledge and cooperation, including institutional reinforcement of the academic body in the South.

Who can apply?

Academics affiliated with a Flemish university can submit a proposal in close cooperation with an academic from the South.

How does it work?

In the first stage, the Flemish promotor submits a letter of intent to the VLIR. After this letter of intent has been accepted, the Flemish promotor writes a project proposal in close cooperation with the counterpart in the South.

What does the funding cover?

In principle, an Own Initiative has a duration of no more than 5 years and a maximum budget of € 310,000 (total budget for the whole period of the execution of the project) unless a higher budget is duly motivated.

For more information, contact the VLIR-UOS website.