Belgian Federal Science Policy (Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid): Bilateral Agreements

The Belgian Federal Science Policy Agency is responsible for coordinating the preparation and follow-up of the scientific section of bilateral agreements for economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation, some of which Belgium has had for over twenty years. Partner countries are Bulgaria, China, Poland, Russia, Vietnam. Belgium also drew up an agreement for space activities with Argentina.

The Federal Science Policy Office chairs the Belgian delegation at meetings of the Mixed Committees for S&T cooperation (ca. every two years). There, representatives of both countries examine the results of their bilateral cooperation and together set the course for future common projects. The S&T cooperation can take various forms: information exchange, exploratory expert mission, common research and demonstration or valorisation project.

In addition to its coordination work, the Federal Science Policy Office also finances cooperation projects in their areas of competence, in particular projects involving space research, or subjects dealing with national research programmes or conducted by federal scientific institutions under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Science Policy. As such, they contribute to the international valorisation of this research and the transfer of know-how.

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