Use of laboratory animals in scientific research and education

DierproevenGhent University is convinced of the added value animal research has on the development of knowledge at the benefit of humans and animals.
However, this belief does not prevent the need for researchers to find ways to, as much as possible, reduce the number of laboratory animals and the suffering and distress these animals experience. Ghent University aims for a research setting without laboratory animals.

In 2019 Ghent University signed the Transparency Agreement on animal research in Belgium. In this way, our university commits itself to communicate and inform clearly and openly about animal testing, the alternatives and the relevant legislation. Doing this is in the interest of the research community, the animals and society.

Legal framework and policy

External framework supported by Ghent University


Ethics committees

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • VIB/Faculty of Sciences

Broader framework: several initiatives


Research Department - Tom Geerinckx

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