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Expertise of Ghent University researchers

There are several ways of ascertaining the expertise of Ghent University researchers:

Research Platform Faculty of Arts & Philosophy

Expertise database of the Ghent Africa Platform

For an overview of Ghent University expertise on Africa and current project with African partners:

Doctoral dissertations

    Research groups and institutes at Ghent University (per faculty)

    Multidisciplinary research clusters & Centres of Expertise

    Research Consortia Social, behavioural sciences and humanities (SSH)

    MRPs - multidisciplinary research partnerships

    • Biotechnology for a sustainable economy
    • Bio-informatics
    • Nanophotonics and biophotonics
    • Neurosciences
    • Inflammation and immunity

    Industrial Liaison Network (IOF consortia)

    The IOF provides a supporting framework for collaboration between the Ghent University Association and industry, through the Industrial Liaison Network. This consists of a number of business development centers that group complementary research departments by application area or domain of expertise.

    Centres of Expertise

    These Centres of Expertise were selected by the Research Council to receive funding from the Special Research Fund.

    Interuniversity research centres

    Ghent University is an active research partner of:

    • IMEC: world-leading research in nano-electronics
    • VIB: life science research institute
    • iMinds: innovation in ICT (merged with IMEC in Autumn 2016)
    • VITO: sustainable chemistry
    • Flanders Make: manufacturing innovation

    Research databases

    • FRIS-portal:part of the Flanders Research Information Space - simple and transparent information about research and innovation in Flanders by using the different search options (research projects, organisations or researchers).
    • INVENT - permanent inventory of scientific potential in the Belgian public institutions created by the Department for Federal Science Policy.
    • ESFRI: overview of pan-European research infrastructure

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