Research consortia social and behavioural sciences and humanities (SSH)

Within the framework of a separate policy action to strengthen the quality of SSH research five research consortia were selected, each with its own research coordinator. In 2018 four of these were prolonged.

Their mission: encouraging collaboration between SSH-disciplines in order to bring in more research funding, to professionally manage the consortia activities, and maximise the societal impact of research.

Crime, criminology and criminal policy

The field of research of CCCP focuses on: justice and home affairs in the EU, international and comparative criminal law and criminal justice, and Belgian criminal law and criminal justice.

Clinical psychology - PSYNC

PSYNC promotes cooperation within the field of clinical psychology as well as between the consortium and stakeholders.

Ghent Centre for Global Studies

This interdisciplinary research centre unites scholars from Social and Economic Geography; International, EU and Conflict & Development Studies; Economics, Sociology, Global History and Ethics; Human Rights Law and Intercultural Pedagogy around the critical study of global processes.

Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies

The institute works towards heightened cross-disciplinarity within Medieval Studies by combining multiple specialist sub-disciplines in research projects and fostering mutually beneficial exchange of methodological and conceptual approaches