University Awards - 2014 Edition

Minerva Award for Education

  • Prof Geert Opsomer (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Department of Obstetrics, reproduction and herd health) is nominated because of the exemplary way in which he combines teaching, doctoral mentoring and relations with industry.
  • Prof Marie-Françoise Reyniers (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture - Department of Chemical engineering and technical chemistry) is nominated because of her dedication and enthusiasm in introducing large groups of students to the wondrous world of chemistry.
  • Prof Veerle Van Eetvelde (Faculty of Sciences – Department of Geography) is nominated because of her dynamic and innovative teaching style and her personal approach to a very diverse student population.

Prometheus Award for Research

  • Prof Nico Boon (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Department of Biochemical and microbial technology) is nominated because of his unabating passion for research. He has assembled an impressive scientific track record, while his charismatic personality is an inspiration to a large group of junior researchers.
  • Prof Filip Du Prez (Faculty of Sciences - Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry) is nominated because of the extraordinary way in which he connects fundamental research to surprisingly practical applications. His extensive research group also appreciates his natural leadership.
  • Prof Lennart Martens (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Department of Biochemistry) is nominated because of his pivotal role in cutting-edge multidisciplinary research while at the same time exploring the boundaries of scientific and societal engagement.

Hermes Award for Public and Scientific Engagement

  • Veerle Lambert and Sylvie Bauwens (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Department of Applied ecology and environmental biology) are nominated as a duo because of their indispensable support for the Center for Environmental Science and Technology. For many years now they have dedicated themselves to the wellbeing of numerous students, research and teaching staff in a professional yet welcoming manner.
  • Saskia Scheltjens (Faculty Library for Arts and Humanities), together with her whole team, is nominated because of her unstinting efforts to provide students and researchers with physical and virtual library services fit for the 21st century.
  • Dr. Francis wyffels (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture - Department of Electronics and information systems) is nominated because of his incomparable devotion to science communication and to making STEM-disciplines attractive. His robot projects are becoming known all over the world and are an inspiration to countless budding engineers and scientists.