Institutional University Cooperation

The Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) embraces a broad long-term cooperation between a
university in the South and Flemish universities. This collaboration aims at institutional development.

Local priorities and needs are linked to the existing expertise on the Flemish side.

The IUC program wants to enable universities in the South to assume their role as agents of development in their own society and to achieve self-sufficiency.

The IUC program is composed of several projects for each partner university. This can be both educational and research projects, as projects that deal with the central policy and management of a university (eg ICT, library development, infrastructure, creation of a research fund and culture, etc.).

Universities in the South are nominated by a Flemish university. Different stages eventually lead to the implementation of a five-year plan with evaluation and monitoring. The total duration of the cooperation is basically 17 years.

Each year visitors from the South will be received by the Flemish universities. It concerns both visiting fellows as current staff members of the IUC partner institutions. Each year a list of the planned mobility (the mobility sheets) appear in the respective APs.

More detailed information about IUCVLIR-UOS program.

Overview of the current IUC programs.

Contacts UGent per program.