Multidisciplinary Research Partnerships (MRP's)

As part of the strategic spearhead research policy plan promoting excellence in research five multidisciplinary research partnerships were established.

Five consortia were selected on the basis of their established expertise, the added value of their multidisciplinary collaboration and their potential to become world leaders in their field. Each of these five groups has been allocated 2.5 million euro. The incentives ran over a five-year period (2010-2015).

An artistic impression of these partnerships by the youngsters of local Youth Theatre Group De Kopergieterij:


Biotechnology for a sustainable economy

The project Ghent Bio-Economy focuses on reinforcing the interaction between the green (plant) biotechnology and the white (industrial) biotechnology for a sustainable bio-based economy.

Prof. dr. Korneel Rabaey


The platform From Nucleotides to Networks (N2N) aims at setting up pipelines for the processing of the increasing flow of molecular data and the development of techniques for the integration of this data into further bio-informatics research.

Prof. dr. Yves Van de Peer

Nanophotonics and biophotonics

The Center for Nano- and Biophotonics sets up research lines in the area of nanoparticles, microlaser technology and optical switches, biosensors, bio-spectroscopy, scanning of biomaterials, electro-optical particle manipulation and active nanophotonic implants.

Prof. dr. Roel Baets


The Institute for Neurosciences studies behavioural control in the field of cognition and emotion, from a perspective of health and pathology and in terms of behaviour-based, neuro-atomic and neurochemical aspects.

Prof. dr. Wim Fias
Prof. dr. Paul Boon

Inflammation and immunity

The multidisciplinary research partnership Group-ID coordinates projects aiming at building up knowledge relating to the origins and maintenance of inflammatory reactions.

Prof. dr. Bart Lambrecht