Career Aspects Assistant Academic staff

Three career paths are available, according to the position of academic personnel which is filled:

  • Junior assistant : at least 50% research in view of the preparation of a PhD degree
  • post-doctoral assistant : at least 70% research in view of scientific research
  • teaching assistant : time is spent exclusively in view of practical education

Yearly a task description needs to be completed by all assistant academic staff.
An activity report (evaluation) will also have to be filled out, in order for the employment to be renewed.

Task description

For whom?

All members of the AAP (assistant academic staff) who will be employed at least another 4 months at the Ghent University will need to fill out a new task description.

No task description will be prepared in Apollo for people with a replacement contract.


October 15th for AAP working at UGent on October 1st
February 15th for AAP who started to work at UGent after October 1st

Evaluation procedure based on the activity report

When renewal of the AAP employment contract (mandate) is due, an activity report will need to be filled out. The forms for this report are prepared in Apollo and are available at least 3 months before the end of the employment period. Renewal is possible only upon registration of a positive evaluation.

An activity report consists of an evaluation of the performances, an elaborated curriculum and the percentage spent on research, education and social services.
The Department Council and the Faculty Board base their recommendation for renewal on the activity report. These recommendations are brought before the University Board, who makes the final decision concerning the renewal or denial of the employment.

Renewal of employment

In view of the yearly draft of the personnel plans, the Department of Personnel and Organization provide the faculties with a list of the AAP employments which come to an end, which can be renewed and the eventual term/duration of the renewal. It is also indicated whether the renewal of the employment is a right or a favor.

The underlying regulation and practical application can be found in the Vademecum.

New regulation for teaching assistants

As of October 1st, 2014 a new regulation for teaching assistants has been implemented. Faculties were informed by the changes during a presentation.

Appeal procedure

Should the evaluation be unfavorable, the member of assistant academic staff can start an appeal procedure to the Board of Appeal via a letter of objection. The Board of Appeal shall bring it’s motivated advice before the University Board, which makes the final decision concerning the evaluation of the party involved.