Career Aspects Research staff

Functional promotion

The career for research staff is based on the salary scale. A raise in the salary scale can be obtained if the following 2 conditions are met :

  1. Grade seniority within the salary scale = 4 years. Except for salary scale WM2 (after 6 years), PD5 and OD3 (after 8 years)
  1. Having positive performance evaluations, meaning 2 evaluations which have the qualification “good”  as final evaluation.

The Department of Personnel and Organization indicates in the invitation to evaluate whether it is an evaluation leading to a promotion and a higher salary scale.

Evaluation procedure


Every other year the research staff is being evaluated by their promotor.

What is evaluated?

The research phase and the growth potential of the individual employee need to be taken into account. Task differentiation may lead to difference of importance between research, education and  social services.


The evaluation consists of a written evaluation of the performance in addition to one of the following final scores:

Unsatisfactory:  this score is given when performance shows serious shortcomings
Satisfactory: performance is situated at acceptable level but is subject to improvement.
Good: level of performance coincides with the level expected from an employee from that salary scale.

Based on the evaluation between the promotor and the employee, a report is handed to the employee for signature and notification purpose. The evaluation report will handed to the employee.
A template for the evaluation is available for the promotor, should he choose to.

Appeal procedure

Employees who do not agree with the final evaluation can start an appeal procedure with the council of appeal.
The procedure is as follows:

  • Obtaining advice from the head of the department (or the faculty dean should the head of the department and the faculty dean be the same person)
  • Both promotor and employee’s point of view are heard
  • Motivated  advice about the final evaluation is given
  • The final motivated decision concerning the evaluation will be taken by the Executive Board