Exit policy and pension

This information is only applicable to employees on the university payroll

Exit policy

The termination of a contract depends on the contract type and one's staff category.

A permanent / open-ended contract can be terminated at any time by either party by observing the period of notice as laid down by the law.

Contracts with a specified end date, e.g. fixed-term contract (and the majority of contract for our international staff members), end either at the specified end date or by mutual agreement of both parties.


Important information

  • Your university account will be disabled once your contract has been terminated. You will, however, have access to your mailbox during 21 days. Using the mail application you can customize the standard bounce message.
  • Always remember to supply a forwarding address and home bank account before departure.


The pension an employee  will be receiving depends upon his/her staff category, age and period of employment. As there are many exceptions and options for specific situations, people are advised to contact a pensions adviser (e.g. Personnel Office) for further information about their individual case.

Overview of the new retirement measures in the public sector (under the programme law of 28 december 2011)

Further reading on pensions in Belgium