Science + Communication = Career

Good communication of scientific knowledge is not only essential in our society, it can also raise young researchers’ academic and scientific profile. Recently it has become a viable professional option as well: science communication professionals end up working on news desks, as freelance science writers for online media, as editors for publishing companies, in museums and science centres, in PR offices or outreach units of universities and research centres, ... In this workshop, presented by Esther De Smet, we discovered the building blocks of quality science communication and the added value it brings to a postdoc’s CV.

Contrary to what many may think, not having a degree in communication does not make one less suitable for the task. Good science communication needs to be accurate and effective as well as personal and passionate. Letting the participants talk about what drives them in their research, and going through all the edges a postdoc gains through everyday academic work, Esther De Smet showed that young researchers can be fitter for science communication than Scicomm professionals.

Crucial to succeed in science communication is  “story-telling”. When we bring our research out there we have to engage our target audience with images that resonate with them and stay, we have to be novel, be memorable. Equally important is the choice of the “medium”: in the wide array of available social medias and communication platforms we have to find the tool that suits at the same time our research and our personality, keeping in mind never to put the tool before the contents.

Take-home message: last but not least… the power of the network! A solid network (inside and outside academia) works for you, multiplies the opportunities, amplifies your voice, makes your public engagement more valuable.

If you are ready to leave the “ivory tower” and you are looking forward to sharing your research with passion and enthusiasm, discover more about Science Communication @ UGent and the initiatives promoted by Esther De Smet.


Event Details


Esther De Smet: trained in Classics, she managed to build out a career as Senior Policy Advisor in UGent’s Research Department, leading workshops on communication strategy, impact, digital presence and social media. Twitter is her medium of choice: as proud curator of @ResearchUGent, she hopes to change Flemish research communication for the better.


Workshop followed by networking drink.


Tuesday 28 March 2017, 16.30-18.00.


Job Market for Young Researchers, ICC Ghent.