Employee benefits

Training and education

Ghent University organises a wide training offer for its employees. That way, the university encourages a continuous build-up of the knowledge and development of its employees. A professionally developed training offer provides a contribution to the following ambition from the mission: ‘Ghent University is creating a stimulating environment for its staff, with optimum development opportunities.’ The latest version of the strategic plan states the following: Ghent University  is a caring and committed employer striving for the best possible talent development.

The development package is aimed at all employees of Ghent University : administrative and technical personnel academic and scientific personnel, including young researchers (PhD students and post-doctoral researchers).


Ghent University strives to ensure that as much commuter traffic as possible takes place in a sustainable manner. Sustainable mobility is therefore encouraged.
Ghent University  provides a bicycle allowance for staff members who commute by bicycle, or who travel part of the trip by bicycle. It is also possible to hire a city or a folding bike at advantageous rates, to have repairs to your bike carried out in the bicycle repair shop of Ghent University or to call on our breakdown service.
You will also receive compensation if you come to work by public transport. Thanks to the third-party payment system, you don’t have to pay the cost of the pass yourself in advance.

You can also register with the Ghent University carpool database in order to commute more sustainably.

More information: Travel to and from work


If you work full-time, you are entitled to 38 days of vacation. This is supplemented by the statutory holidays and holidays set by decree. In addition, you also receive days off during the period between Christmas and New Year as replacement of bank holidays that coincide with a Saturday or Sunday.

The majority of the vacation days can be chosen freely, in consultation with your department. Some of the vacation days are fixed, such as the working days during the week of the ‘Gentse Feesten’ (the Ghent Festivities) and some of the bridging days. As far as possible, academic staff are requested to take their holidays during the holiday periods established in the academic calendar, in either one or several periods.

More information: holidays and leave

Work and private life balance

A good balance between work and private life is important to Ghent University . For example, there is a possibility to work part-time and you are entitled to different leave schemes (e.g. parental leave, care credit, leave without pay, etc.). Teleworking is also possible.

Furthermore, Ghent University  provides child care for children between 0 and 3 years, and holiday camps are organised during the Easter, summer, autumn and Christmas holidays.

Staff members can also make use of an ironing service.

University restaurants

We do not offer meal vouchers, but you can benefit from very attractive prices in all Ghent University student restaurants and cafeterias, where you can obtain a hot meal, sandwiches, soup, snacks and salads at lunch time and in the evenings. There is also an extensive vegetarian offer.

More than work alone

Working at Ghent University  is more than just work. There is room to get to know your colleagues and to develop yourself. There are various cultural initiatives, an annual sports afternoon is organised for the staff, and you can enjoy an extensive sports offer at very attractive prices, to name but a few options.

Other benefits