Although Belgian pharmacists are highly trained healthcare workers and very accessible, we advise you to always consult a doctor first.

Doctor's prescription

Pharmacies are subjected to strict rules. For example, they may not supply certain medication without a medical prescription. Note: prescriptions from your home country will not be accepted.

A pharmacy supplies two kinds of medication: medication which the pharmacist prepares himself and medication which is industrially produced. Furthermore, the pharmacy sells several health care and beauty products, such as thermometers, crutches, vitamins and supplements, specialist tooth paste, baby food, and skin care products etc.

Pharmacist’s role

The pharmacist is responsible for the quality and conformity of the drugs he supplies. He must oversee the correct application of the medication by way of:

  • Explaining when to take and who can take the medication
  • Warning for possible side-effects
  • Taking into consideration the interaction with other medications you are currently taking

Practical information

Although addresses can be found in free local newspapers, there is also a separate website (In Dutch).

Pharmacies are usually closed on Saturdays and Sundays. A limited number of pharmacists are on duty during the weekend and at night for patients in urgent need of medication. In that case, however, an extra fee will be charged. A list of on-duty pharmacists is displayed at every (closed) pharmacy.