Mentoring for professors

The Career Development Office organizes a mentoring programme for recently appointed professors. It is a one-to-one supportive, developmental and confidential relationship, to reflect upon your career ambitions, questions, hurdles.

Who is who

The mentee is a recently appointed professor at Ghent University (less than 2 years of experience as ZAP, at least a 50 % contract).
The mentor is a professor of Ghent University, a more experienced, positive role model:  a sounding board on career development and strategies on the longer term, in a safe setting.

What’s in it for you as a mentee?

Discover the set-up of the programme and the benefits and listen to this short tutorial: "Why start mentoring?.

How to register for mentoring?

By filling out this form you register to start-up a mentoring programme for starting professors to Ghent University. Complete your personal data and your wishes for mentoring. We will use this information during the matching with a mentor.

Guidelines for mentees

To get the most out of mentoring, you can dive into some best practices via this tutorial:  'a road map for mentees'.

This can be printed as a hand-out.

We will organize a short workshop supporting you for a smooth start-up of the programme. The dates will be communicated to the mentees which have registered for mentoring.

Extra tips and documentation


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