Mentoring for professors

The Career Development Office organizes a mentoring programme for recently appointed professors. It is a one-to-one supportive, developmental and confidential relationship, to reflect upon your career ambitions, questions, hurdles.

Who is who

The mentee is a recently appointed professor at Ghent University (less than 2 years of experience as ZAP, at least a 50 % contract).
The mentor is a professor of Ghent University, a more experienced, positive role model:  a sounding board on career development and strategies on the longer term, in a safe setting.

What’s in it for you as a mentee?

Learn more about:

  • Set-up of the programma
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Practicalities: how to applly?

This can be printed as hand-out.

Guidelines for mentees

How to register for mentoring?

By filling out this form you register to start-up a mentoring programme for starting professors to Ghent University. Complete your personal data and your wishes for mentoring. We will use this information during the matching with a mentor.

After registration

Once subscribed, you will be invited to follow a short workshop which will:

  • Inform you on the mentoring programme: what can and can’t you expect from your mentor? What do you want to gain from this programme?
  • Prepare you for the mentoring sessions with your mentor: what do you want to discuss with your mentor (research, education, leadership, strategic choices, getting to know the culture at Ghent University, work-life balance…)?
  • Offer you the opportunity to share experiences with other starting professors.  

The dates will be communicated to the mentees which have registered for mentoring.

Guidelines for mentors

Career development office will approach mentors and invite professors to voluntarily take up the role as mentor. Once you subscribed to the programme as mentor, you will be invited to follow a workshop on ‘coaching skills as mentor’. This workshop will:

  • Inform you about and discuss the mentoring programme: what do we expect from you as mentor? What can the mentee expect from you? What do you expect from your mentee?
  • Discuss how coaching fits within mentoring and how it may look like
  • Introduce you to some important coaching skills
  • Listen to a fragment of the BNR podcast  on how to ask the right questions as mentor: Coachende vaardigheden als mentor (Dutch)

Matching process between mentee and mentor

We will match mentees with mentors based on the mentees and mentors preferences, expressed in the registration form and the workshops.

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