PhD Supervision Programme


Research supervision is an important aspect of your role as supervisor. How you supervise your PhD candidate has an impact on the quality and success of the doctoral project, the wellbeing and satisfaction of the PhD candidate.

This PhD supervision track for professors falls out in two separate programmes, which have to be followed in the right sequence:

  1. Kick-off: Informing you on the different aspects, responsibilities and tasks of your supervisory role, the rules and regulations regarding the PhD process.
  2. Leadership training in which you reflect on your own leadership (why should anyone be led by you?) and expand your repertoire of supervision strategies and methods.

Topics covered:

Kick-off: UGent staff will discuss topics crucial to PhD supervision:

  • Doctoral schools regulations and procedures: education and examination code, charter for doctoral candidates and supervisors, how to monitor and support progress and development during the course of the PhD?
  • Framework for Good Research Practice: nut-shell overview of legal, ethical and professional regulations, rules and standards related to doing research across all disciplines and fields of study. What topics to address or to comply with while doing research, preparing publications, managing your research data, collaborating with partners, undertaking societal outreach? 
  • Wellbeing, stress and conflict: how to create a safe and open atmosphere for your PhD candidates? How to deal with signals of ill-being, stress or conflict?
  • Financial project management for supervisors: how to apply for new projects at Ghent University? How to deal with finances during a project?

Leadership training: External trainers offer a training on these topics:

  • Ghent University framework of leadership
  • What is good leadership for you and your PhD candidate?
  • Communication skills & relationship building
  • Managing expectations and encourage high performance
  • Embracing diversity in practice


1. Kick-off day ZAP PhD supervision track for professors

  • 1 day course: 9h – 16h30
  • Dates: 25/01/2021 (Eng), 21/4/2021 (Eng), 29/4/2021 (Dutch)
  • You will get a personal invitation via email or you can subscribe now via our platform: see how to subscribe
  • Training methods: Interactive information sessions to increase self-reflection through exercises, sharing experiences, and providing information.

2. Leadership training for PhD Supervisors

  • 2 day course: 9h-16h30
  • Dates: 28/10/2020 & 25/11/2020; 18/2/2021 & 18/3/2021; 29/4/2021 & 27/5/2021
  • You need to attend both training days
  • You will get a personal invitation via email or you can subscribe now via our platform: see how to subscribe
  • Training methods: Intake questionnaire, learning by experience and discussing own cases, role-playing’s and reflection exercises,
    specific tools and ideas on how to improve the PhD guidance, self-study material.

For whom

Newly appointed professors at Ghent University. Also professors with temporary assignment or less than 100% assignment as professor.

The kick-off has to be followed as soon as you start in your role as professor at Ghent University. You will be invited to take the course as soon as you start.

The leadership training can be followed within the first three years of your assignment. This gives you the opportunity to build leadership experience which can be reflected upon and discussed in the training.


1. Kick-off day: Ghent University staff

2. Leadership training: provided by LeaderScope.

How to subscribe

  • You will get a personal invitation to take part in this training.
  • Search for the app Apollo in Athena
  • You can subscribe via Apollo (Apollo -> Personeel (Personnel) -> Vorming (Training)-> Catalogus  (catalogue) -> Professionele kennis & vaardigheden (Professional knowledge & skills) -> leiderschap (leadership) -> PhD Supervision programme
  • Change the language of Apollo into English: Go to “Personeel/Persoonlijke gegevens”. Click on “Voorkeurstaal wijzigen”. In the next window, click on “start” and select ‘Engels’ in the drop down menu, then click ‘volgende stap’ and ‘verzenden’.

Choose for:

  • Kick-off PhD supervisietraject (Dutch) / Kick-off
  • Leadership training for PhD supervisors

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