Leadership Track


Research supervision is an important aspect of your role as supervisor. How you supervise your PhD candidate has an impact on the quality and success of the doctoral project.

This leadership track “agile leadership for PhD supervisors” strengthens your leadership skills in a safe (learning-oriented) environment. You will follow this track with colleague PhD Supervisors. The track exists of different parts:

  1. Completing a self-scan
  2. Receiving an individual, personalized report
  3. Completing an e-learning
  4. Two contact moments spread over two months, each consisting of a full training day
  5. One intervision with your group

More details about the programme can be found here.

For whom

This track focusses on newly appointed professors. This is a compulsory programme. Newly appointed professors are expected to follow this leadership track within the first three years of their assignment as Ghent University professor. We advise you to follow this training when you have one or more PhD candidates under your supervision.

When and how to subscribe

  • 2 day course: 9h-16h30
  • You need to be able to attend both training days and do some preparatory and in between assignments
  • Dates: You can choose one of the 4 tracks:
  1. Option 1: 7/10/2021 & 04/11/2021
  2. Option 2: 3/11/2021 & 1/12/2021
  3. Option 3: 9/3/2022 & 30/03/2022
  4. Option 4: 28/4/2022 & 26/5/2022
  1. You will get a personal invitation via email or you can subscribe now via our platform. Choose the tile “talent development” and search for “Leadership track for PhD Supervisors”. Or subscribe directly using the links above.
  2. Trainers

    Sarah Neyts is organizational and leadership coach within Impetus Academy, a spin-off of Ghent University which supports and strengthens organizations to develop their leadership and organizational context.


    Career Development Office
    HR coach: Liesbet Boone