Negotiation skills - online

These training courses will be organized ONLINE. Specific information on the content and methods used can be found in the information sheet of the training on Apollo.


Effective negotiation skills are important in many different contexts, both professional and personal. But many people limit their negotiation approach to only haggling a price.

This course is designed to help you understand and apply the full negotiation process. The learning objectives include:

  • Understand different negotiation styles (including your own preferred style) and be able to recognise indicators of these in all phases of a negotiation
  • Be able to effectively prepare for a variety of negotiation topics by defining your goals, issues, priorities, positions and strategy
  • Be able to conduct a negotiation in an effective way by discussing and debating issues, stating and trading positions
  • Understand the impact of specific negotiation language and be able to adapt your language during a negotiation

Cases are tailored to your professional context, e.g. learn how to negotiate a new employment contract.


  • 2 full days
  • A combination of short theory, specific skill-building exercises, roleplays on participant-relevant cases, brainstorm, group discussion and reflection.

For whom

Postdoctoral researchers (at all levels or years of postdoc experience).


Dan Steer, trainer and conference speaker, has trained more than 6000 people in communication and leadership in over 250 organisations.

How to subscribe

You can enroll via Apollo. Information on how to register


Postdoc Talent Management - Career Development Office

Liesbet Boone or Inge Vanheule