Career coaching for (post)doctoral research staff

Why career coaching?

What do I want after my PhD or postdoc? How do I discover (and catch) my dream job? What are my professional strengths and talents? Where to go on the external labour market? What am I really good at? How do I successfully convince a job interviewer of my skills? Do you want to pursue an academic career or do you want to move on to a job in industry, the public or social profit sector, ...?

Are these questions that you are struggling with and do you find it difficult to come to an answer yourself? Talking to a career coach can offer you a safe context for self-reflection and self-assessment as a step in making an informed choice about the next step in your career.

A career coach can help in taking your professional future into your own hands.

Take ownership and control of your career.  Read more about Ghent University's vision on and approach of career coaching for staff.
The time is ... now! How to start? Ghent University's career toolkit  'What's next?'  - 'Wat nu?'  offers you practical support to explore job opportunities outside academia.

What is career coaching?

Three questions are key: 'Who am I?', 'What am I capable of?' and 'What do I want in my professional life?'. Career coaching builds on these three questions:

  • You: Self-assessment of personal competencies, talents, energy drivers and ambitions
  • Your labour market: Exploring types of sectors, jobs and roles (including outside academia)
  • How to 'sell' yourself: CV and cover letter review (examples, tips and tricks, feedback)

    For whom?

    All temporary research staff (PhD candidates, postdoctoral staff, other scientific staff in all different staff positions, including the externally funded researchers e.g. FWO) struggling with questions about their professional competencies and future.

    For postdoctoral staff, group sessions 'Career Management' are organized 4-5 times a year.

    Individual sessions upon appointment with a career coach of the Department of Personnel & Organization.


    Career coaching is offered by the Career Development Office of the Department of Personnel and Organization. For questions or an appointment, please contact: