Pitching your research


Objectives : Increasing your impact using persuasion skills in general, and improving your pitching skills more specifically.

Approach : Most of the time people will tell you that a good idea is the first thing to have success. However, history is littered with examples of good ideas going down the drain because they were communicated dreadfully.

The sad news is that a good story never sells itself, sales does. Therefore, this session will elaborate on influencing and persuasion skills and techniques using ‘pitching’ as a framework. Understanding and applying these skills and techniques will increase your impact.


  • Workshop (3 hours)
  • Interactive and practical hands-on method: you will be invited to pitch your research and/or yourself during the workshop

For whom

Postdoctoral researchers (who applied for the FWO fellowship) and who want to prepare for the interview.


Bram Doolaege is a guest lecturer at the University of Ghent, his former employer. He combines teaching with practice working in an innovative organization (www.streetwize.be) and as a volunteer at the Mobile School .

How to subscribe

You can enroll via Apollo. Information on how to register.


Postdoc Talent Management - Career Development Office

Liesbet Boone or Inge Vanheule