Career management for postdocs - online

These training courses will be organized ONLINE. Specific information on the content and methods used can be found in the information sheet of the training on Apollo.


Are you unsure where your career is heading?

Are you trying to plan the next step in your career but you don’t know where to start?

Do you ask yourself what your career options are beyond academia?

Career planning is as vital to researchers as planning your research, publications, teaching …

The goal of  this course is to assist you in preparing and planning your future career options and gain a profound insight in your job opportunities. The focus is on career paths outside the academic world.

Topics covered:

  • Workshop 1: ‘What do I want in my professional life?' Career self-management
  • Workshop 2: ‘Who am I?’ Discovering my strengths, competences and personal skills and exploring the bridge to the labour market and job opportunities
  • Workshop 3: 'How do I successfully sell myself to future employers?' Applying to vacancies and preparing for job interviews


  • 3 half-day workshops + 1 individual session with a personal coach
  • Interactive group sessions
  • Individual (face-to-face and distant) coaching until 6 months after the course

For whom

Postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines (at all levels or years of postdoc experience).

We will make a selection of the enrolled candidates based on their written motivation statement (pre-circulated form).

Candidates showing the highest motivation and commitment will be invited for the course and coaching.

Priority is given to postdocs nearing the end of their employment at Ghent University.


The Centre for Excellence in Career Management, Vlerick Business School works with academically experienced trainers:

  • Prof. Dirk Buyens (also Ghent University)
  • Veroniek De Schamphelaere

How to subscribe

You can enroll via Apollo. Information on how to register


Postdoc Talent Management - Career Development Office

Liesbet Boone or Inge Vanheule