Creativity, pitching & resilience for postdocs - online

These training courses will be organized ONLINE. Specific information on the content and methods used can be found in the information sheet of the training on Apollo.


Creative, persuasive and resilient people have more success in their career and personal life. How to make that difference? This series of 3 short inspiration sessions will teach you lessons from street kids, surviving life in the hardest circumstances.

Topics covered:

  • Workshop 1: Boost your creative skills
    As a researcher creativity is the engine of research. But busy times, pressured by combining a lot of responsibilities on the postdoc level (teaching, publishing, supervision ...), often kill your creativity. In this workshop you will make time to dive into creative problem solving methods and learn to shift to more creativity in your postdoc job.
  • Workshop 2: Make your professional goals or story 'stick'
    You understand and develop strong influencing and persuasion skills and techniques using ‘pitching’ as a framework. These are necessary skills in e.g. preparing an inspiring presentation for an important conference, in successfully selling your new project proposal or research idea to relevant stakeholders (inside and outside academia), in selling yourself to a jury.
  • Workshop 3: Increase your personal resilience and agility
    As a postdoc you are confronted with harsh competition, increasing pressure and a vague perspective on the future. How to deal with this insecurity and become more aware of what you really want and can achieve by yourself, whether in an academic or a non-academic setting? Learn to recover from setbacks and rejection in order to strike back more effectively next time.

All these skills will help you perform better in your daily job and life.


  • 3 workshops (3 hours each)
  • Interactive and practical hands-on method, combining inspiration lessons and action methods
  • Based on the scientist-practitioner model: A combination of a scientific, evidence based approach (designed in collaboration with the Ghent University Department of Personnel Management, Work and Organizational Psychology) and practical lessons based on working with street kids.

For whom

Postdoctoral researchers (at all levels or years of postdoc experience).


Bram Doolaege is a trainer in the field of communication, leadership and change (Streetwize). He works as a guest lecturer at Ghent University and as a volunteer at the Mobile School. His enthusiasm and passion for academic research and teaching and innovative business and a strong fascination for the vibes of the street result in a unique no nonsense approach.

How to subscribe

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