Leadership for postdocs


Do you recognize the feeling that as a postdoc it becomes challenging to balance all your responsibilities? You are no longer just a researcher, but also a teacher, coach of Master and PhD students, ...  and all these parties (students, colleagues, supervisors,…) have diverse expectations towards you.

Through 3 workshop modules, we aim to support and strengthen the personal leadership skills of postdocs within this context. The goal is to strengthen your personal leadership skills, learning to build effective teamwork and constructive relations with your colleagues. Hence, these workshops prepare you for future leadership roles.

We offer a trajectory of 3 modules for which sequentiality applies:

1.    Get started with leadership
2.    Influencing starts with you
3.    Cooperate and network

Topics covered:

  • Module 1: Get started with leadership
    You are able to choose the most appropriate leadership style, taking into account your own preferences and goals. This will allow you to be more comfortable in a supervisory role in handling all kinds of situations, even complex and difficult ones.
  • Module 2: Influencing starts with you
    You discover how you can really have an impact, how you can get people to follow you. We learn that influencing effectively begins with you. You are able to give and receive constructive feedback, to take performance to a higher level, when to say yes and when to say no.
  • Module 3: Cooperate and network
    You know the essentials of team leadership, you can inspire and motivate colleagues to contribute to the larger whole. You map your own network and reflect upon this with your colleagues.


  • 3 workshops of 1 day
  • "As much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible": this is a practical workshop based on theoretical frameworks.
  • There is a strong focus on intervision, coaching moments, simulations, small group exercises and action planning.

For whom

Postdoctoral researchers with a minimum of 1 year postdoc experience and experience in guiding PhD students.


Wendy Van den Bulck, Sara Leysen and Mien Gheysens (True colours) build on a large body of experience as coaches and trainers of leadership programs in several universities and research facilities.

How to subscribe

You can only enroll via Apollo. Information on how to register.

You can enroll for module 2 & 3 after having participated in the previous module(s)


Postdoc Talent Management - Career Development Office

Liesbet Boone or Inge Vanheule