Communication for staff

Editing of personal work-related data / online phone book

UGent employees can themselves edit certain personal and work-related data via the electronic HR-application Apollo.

All personal data is protected under privacy laws.


UGent staff members and students who have a UGent account can access their mailbox from every computer connected to the internet.

Via nearly all webbrowsers you can, after logging in with username and UGentNet central password, manage your e-mail at a glance. Log in...

Communication guidelines

Corporate design

A corporate design forms our visual identity: it differentiates us from other companies. Logo, colours, typography, illustrations… are important elements to enforce the image of Ghent University.

Courses in academic writing skills and media conduct.

What's up?

Keeping up to date with all that happens in and around the university is made easier through various information sessions, publications and newsletters. Check out the overview.