PhD Student

Last application date
Jul 17, 2021 00:00
GE38 - Department of Human Structure and Repair
Limited duration
Master in medicine/Medical degree; postgraduate training (in progress or completed) in radiation oncology. Desirable: Masters Degree (MSc) in health economics, public health or health care management.
Occupancy rate
Vacancy type
Research staff

Job description

The HERO project (Health Economics in Radiation Oncology) was initiated in 2011, on the demand of the ESTRO board, with the overall aim to develop a knowledge base and an economic model for radiotherapy at the level of the European countries.
It has been focusing on the availability of radiotherapy resources (equipment, personnel and the supporting recommendations) and needs for radiotherapy (in terms of patients requiring radiotherapy, hence treatments to be delivered).
It has developed a time-driven cost-accounting model, available as an online tool for radiation oncology societies and professionals, that can help in defining the cost and the resource needs of radiotherapy in a certain population to be served with radiotherapy. Moreover, reimbursement data have been collected across Europe, looking at the cost from a societal perspective.
ESTRO-HERO also collaborated in a project investigating the applicability of existing oncology value-scales to loco-regional cancer treatments, radiotherapy and surgery. It was concluded that the available tools are mainly focused in systemic cancer treatments, and are not easily transferable to the context of loco-regional cancer treatments such as radiotherapy.

Job profile

The Researcher engaged in the HERO-VBHC project will develop scientific outputs to support the development of a value-framework for radiation oncology.
The researcher will appraise the literature and work in close collaboration with methodological and clinical collaborators, to develop, test and validate the framework.

Duties and Responsibilities.
Core activities:

  • Develop a framework to determine the value of innovations in radiation oncology, in the context of the Health Economics in Radiation Oncology (HERO) Value-based Health care (VBHC) Programme
  • Define the different types of interventions and outcome measures used in radiation oncology
  • Define the evidence and magnitude of benefit needed to support the clinical and economic benefit of radiotherapy innovation


  •  Perform a systematic review of the literature
  • Set-up a methodology to collect the necessary information and data input from stakeholders
  • Evaluate, clean and structure the information, in close collaboration with biostatisticians
  • Develop a methodology for and organize field testing
  • Liaise, collaborate and maintain contacts with all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Organize meetings with stakeholders
  • Communicate and disseminate the results of the project scientifically through abstracts and publications
  • Communicate the results to stakeholders through progress reports

Professional experience:

  • Radiation oncology professional in training or completion of specialist training (essential)
  • Previous involvement in projects in the field of health economics, public health or health care management (desirable)


  • Excellent verbal and written English. Any other language is a strong asset to interact with peers and with health specialists in other countries

Skills and competences:

  • Logical mindset
  • Strict and punctual work ethics
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Patience and persistence
  • Report writing skills
  • Very good presentation, communication and ‘teaching’ skills
  • Problem-solver
  • Flexibility
  • Effective team worker
  • Positive and constructive attitude
  • Skillful with common IT packages
  • Evidence of scientific writing in English

How to apply

Application deadline: July 17th, 2021.

Job interviews: last week of July, 2021

Expected starting date: September 20th, 2021.

Job duration: 3 years.

Your application must include the following documents:

  •  A cover letter
  • Your CV and an overview of your study results
  • Up to 3 references

Please send your application to Prof. Yolande Lievens (, prof. Ajay Aggarwal (, and dr. Cristina Pintucci (