General information webinars for international staff

Ghent University is committed to the well-being of all international staff during their stay in Belgium. As integration in Flanders consists out a lot of administrative procedures during and after arrival, it is not always easy to understand what is expected of you. It might be difficult to find the correct information or contacts. Therefore, Ghent University regularly organizes information sessions together with external partners, and tailor-made for Ghent University's international staff.

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Upcoming webinars

Information on the procedures for registration in Belgium

Internationals moving to Gent for a period exceeding 90 days but must present their self for registration within eight days after moving to Gent. The information session of the city hall informs you about the procedures to obtain a (permanent) residence permit, the conditions to get a prolongation of the residence permit, the family reunification, changing your driver’s license, and much more. You also get the opportunity to ask questions to our experts of the city hall.

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How to complete your tax document as non-resident in Belgium?

A NON-resident living or temporary staying in Belgium is taxed only on the Belgian income during the stay in Belgium. But this might be a difficult issue to tackle. During our webinar we will give you basic information on the tax document for NON-Residents, how to request the document, how to complete it and what to do in case of international employment.
Mr. Jan Lambrechts from Ichiban will guide you through this complex Belgian law fluently as he has many years’ experience on working with international staff and taxation. The webinar will be organized at the end of October 2021.

Previous webinars

Information for partners of expats in search for a job in Belgium

Due to the rising demand to provide guidance for family members of UGent Staff who are searching for a job in Belgium, we decided to organize an info session in cooperation with the VDAB and IN-Gent. The VDAB is the Flemish service for employment and vocational training in Flanders and guides participants to a job in the Flanders region. In-Gent helps to fulfill integration duties for incoming internationals.

How to complete your tax returns as Belgian resident?

A resident living in Belgium has to pay taxes on all of their Belgian and foreign income. But as new incoming international resident, completing your tax returns can be a difficult task to tackle. During our webinar we will give you basic information on Belgian tax returns, how to fill them in and what happens after the documents are submitted to the Federal Public Service Finance. Mr. Jan Lambrechts from Ichiban Consult, who has many years’ experience working with international staff and taxes, will guide you through this complex process and will shed a light on the relevant Belgian tax laws.

  • You can find the recordings, the presentation and the FAQ from the webinar here.


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