PhD position : Experimental investigation of expanders with capacity and volume ratio control for organic Rankine cycles

Last application date
Feb 22, 2018 23:59
TW03 - Department of Flow, heat and combustion mechanics
Limited duration
Master of Science in (Electro-)Mechanical Engineering or related
Occupancy rate
Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description

Within the framework of the European Horizon 2020 CHESTER project (Research and innovation action) we are looking for an engineer with experimental skills in mechanical energy engineering. In the project we are developing an innovative system that allows for energy management, storage and dispatchable supply of many different renewable energy sources by combining the electricity sector with the heat sector. This is done by combining an innovative power-to-heat-to-power energy storage system, the so called CHEST (Compressed Heat Energy Storage). CHEST is based on existing technology (heat pump, thermal storage and ORC) but ground breaking advancements are necessary to ensure a high-efficient and cost-competitive CHEST system. A complete 10 kWel laboratory CHEST system will be built and validated in a relevant environment. A large multidisciplinary team of experts in thermal engineering and mechanical engineering together with several partners in industry are working on this project with a total funding of around 5M€. We want to strengthen our team with an expert in experimental measurements on expanders or compressors. Your target is to design and construct a lab-scale organic Rankine cycle (ORC) focussing on volumetric expanders with capacity and volume ratio control. The ORC in the CHEST system will work in varying operating conditions and the added capacity/volume ratio control will help to achieve high efficiency. The first step comprises of a theoretical analyses of the design options with corresponding simulations. In an early stage the component selection and construction needs to be completed. Afterwards an extensive experimental campaign will be performed. The experimental data allows constructing accurate performance maps for model validation and final integration of the ORC in the CHEST.

You will be supported by the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (ATHT, and Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI, team. Together we have a 10 year long expertise in this field. This is reflected in several national and international project contributions. Resulting from this we have in our lab two small scale ORCs amongst numerous other test-benches.

We offer you training and the possibility to start up a PhD. We offer you a job in a multidisciplinary field which embraces heat transfer and energy efficiency. You will be guided and supported by experienced professors and highly skilled post-doc researchers in the above mentioned fields, and this in an international research environment. We expect you to contribute to the project with new ideas and corresponding to the general vision and mission of the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer research team. The job offer is for a 4 year contract with a 6 month trial time.

Profile of the candidate

You have obtained a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering.

You have been trained in the fields of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

You have done experimental work in thermal research or fluid mechanics during your master thesis.

You have experience in studying abroad.

You have an excellent level in English communication skills (TOEFL>94;IELTS>7).

You are a highly motivated engineer, with a critical attitude and attention to detail.

You are a team player and you are open-minded to other people and cultures.

You are willing to lecture and supervise Master students.

You want to contribute to a sustainable planet.

The research performed by the candidate will be published in peer reviewed journals and can result in obtaining a PhD in Engineering.

How to apply

Send your cv, academic records, proof of English proficiency, motivation letter and any other supporting material to