PhD position on Photonic Integrated Circuits for UV Sensing

Last application date
May 01, 2018 21:08
TW05 - Department of Information technology
Limited duration
MSc degree in photonics engineering, electrical engineering or applied physics
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Research staff

Job description

Since more than 15 years, the Photonic Research Group has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the field of silicon photonics for applications using visible to mid-infrared light. To enable new sensing applications, there is a need for developing an integrated photonic platform that is compatible with ultra-violet (UV) light and with largescale fabrication. As such a platform does currently not exist, any achievement in this field will be a first.

One of the main objectives of this PhD project is initially to make passive waveguide circuits for UV light, comprising low-loss single mode waveguides, optical filter functions and optical interfaces to the chip. Different materials and waveguide geometries will be investigated. An optical set-up will be built to study these UV photonic integrated circuits. In a second phase of the project, UV fluorescence and Raman sensing of biological molecules and cells will be demonstrated on the developed waveguide platform.

Profile of the candidate

The PhD will encompass simulations, design, fabrication in the UGent cleanroom and characterization of the light propagation in the photonic structures, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of the platform for different sensing applications. The PhD student will be able to gain experience in areas such as chip design, clean room processing and optical measurements.

We are looking for a candidate with a MSc degree in photonics engineering, electrical engineering or applied physics, that already has a good background in photonics, and has good simulation and experimental skills.

How to apply

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