PhD Student

Last application date
Feb 12, 2021 00:00
TW05 - Department of Information Technology
Limited duration
biomedical engineering, computer science, or similar
Occupancy rate
Vacancy type
Research staff

Job description

The PhD student will conduct research within the context of the WithMe project that has been granted by Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) from Jan. 1st 2020. The overall scientific objective of WithMe is to make interactions between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) more entraining and engaging. For this, AI must better read and understand its human counterpart in the interaction. Compared to earlier research in this area that mainly relies on audiovisual information, WithMe proposes direct biomonitoring of brain functions at the one hand to evaluate at the other to steer the interaction. Results include a proven methodology for deriving attention, pleasure and reward from extensive EEG, fNIRS, HRV, pupillometry, etc. and a proof of concept of bio-feedback from these sensors to AI. In combination with fast developments of new biomonitoring hardware, WithMe results could yield a disruptive evolution in Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HC-AI).

We foresee three groups of possible use cases: music-based interventions, human-computer interaction and new research methods.

Research topic:

The PhD student will focus on modelling the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) based on the findings on biomonitoring of interactions between persons. He/she will then derive algorithms that optimize AI while continuously accounting for the biomonitoring. Finally, these new approaches will be tested in a human-AI interaction experiment. The test protocol will include audio-visual binding and quasi-rhythmic stimuli.

Job profile

  • Candidates should preferably have a biomedical-engineering degree or a degree in computer science with strong interest in human-machine interaction.
  • Candidates with other university degree and prior experience in the research field of the job description are also encouraged to apply.
  • A strong interest in research, analytical skills, design skills, autonomy, and a critical mindset are essential for this position.
  • Only students ranking highly amongst their peers will be considered.

How to apply

Apply by email before February 12th 2021 by email to

Applications should be accompanied by a cv, a motivation letter, and should clearly mention the degree obtained and the ranking amongst peers.