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Oct 01, 2019 23:59
WE04 - Department of Solid State Sciences
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Doctoral fellow
Limited duration
An excellent master’s degree of an international equivalent in the relevant fields of Physics, Engineering Physics, Physical Chemistry or a related field.
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Research staff

Job description

1 PhD position in the topic: “Modelling of reactive magnetron sputter deposition” in the research group : Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets (Prof. D. Depla).

This position fits in a project of Special Research Fund (UGent) entitled TIMERS, Targeted Investigation of Momentary Effects during Reactive Sputtering. Magnetron sputtering is a mature technique for the deposition of thin films, both at laboratory and industrial level. Conceptually, the technique is quite simple and the process can be summarized in a few lines. A gas discharge is ignited by the application of a high voltage between a cathode and an anode. To increase the ionization efficiency of the electrons emitted from the cathode, a magnetic field is generated by a set of magnets placed behind the cathode. The ions present in the plasma, bombard the cathode which results in the ejection or sputtering of atoms. These sputtered atoms condense on the vacuum chamber walls and on the substrate to form a thin film. Behind this apparent simplicity, a complex interplay between different physical and chemical processes is hidden. The dynamics of these processes are currently not well modelled. This lack of a modelling approach is in sharp contrast to the technological implementation of reactive magnetron sputtering with a clear, but often overlooked time dependency. The project TIMERS wishes to investigate the time dependency mainly by simulations but some dedicated series of experiments are also foreseen. The outcome of the project will be a new version of the reactive sputter deposition (RSD) model capable to tackle the most complicated processes during reactive magnetron sputtering.

Profile of the candidate

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative PhD candidate who has :

  •  excellent research and scientific writing skills.
  •  perseverance and an independent, pro-active working style.
  •  excellent collaboration and communication skills (written and verbally) in English.
  •   interest to develop simulation models, supplemented with some experimental work.
  •   experience regarding object oriented programming, where knowledge of the programming language C/C++ is an asset.
  •   the will to enable user friendly access of the developed simulation models to third party users through the development of a GUI.
  •   an open mind towards collaboration with experimental oriented researchers.

How to apply

It is the intention to fill this position as soon as possible. Please send your CV. We will contact you if your CV is applicable.