PhD position on III-V-on-silicon electroabsorption modulators for co-packaged optics (FWO)

Last application date
Mar 31, 2020 14:15
TW05 - Department of Information technology
Employment category
Doctoral fellow
Limited duration
master degree in Photonics, Optical communication or Electrical engineering
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Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description

Silicon photonics is a field that is maturing and attracting strong interest from industry and academia to realize miniaturized photonic systems for applications in datacommunication and telecommunication, as well as in other emerging fields, such as sensing. For the field of datacommunication, there is a need for highly integrated transceivers, densely integrated with the electronic ASICs. Silicon photonics is well suited for that purpose. However, the platform currently lacks electroabsorption modulators in the O-band. This requires the integration of III-V semiconductors on silicon photonic integrated circuits in a way that is mass manufacturable. The Photonics Research Group, an associated lab of imec, is at the forefront of the research in this area.

As a PhD researcher, you will work in the framework of the FWO project ‘Optical I/O as an enabler for the high-performance computers of the future’. The focus of the project is the development a new approach for intra-datacenter optical communication that makes use of co-packaged optics, optical switching and coherent datareception.

A key component in such a system is a high-performance transmitter. It is the goal of this PhD project to realize a prototype of such a device, by integrating an array III-V electroabsorption modulators (EAMs) on a silicon photonic platform, to realize a 56GBaud PAM-4 transmitter that can be densely integrated with a CMOS driver. The III-V devices will be integrated on the silicon photonic integrated circuit by a novel integration method called transfer printing enabling the dense and high throughput integration of III-V opto-electronic devices on a silicon photonic integrated circuit. While the silicon photonic integrated circuits will be processed in the imec 200mm CMOS pilot line, the transfer printing process will be developed by the PhD student in the UGent cleanrooms. After the prototype has been realized it will be first characterized using state of the art measurement facilities at Ghent University, in close collaboration with the high-speed electronics group (IDLAB_design), after which the device will be packaged and used in a system test bed to demonstrate the new intra-datacenter interconnect concept.

Profile of the candidate

You are an ambitious, passionate and talented student. You have recently obtained a master degree in Photonics, Optical communication or Electrical engineering. You have a good understanding of photonic integrated circuit technology and optical networks. You possess good verbal and written English communication skills allowing you to effectively communicate with industrial and academic partners. As an equal opportunity employer, UGent encourages women to pursue careers in science and strongly welcomes female candidates.

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