PhD student

Last application date
Feb 15, 2018 09:00
WE13 - Department of Geology
Limited duration
MSc in Geology, (Bio)engineering, Physics or equivalent; MSc students close to graduation are also welcome to apply
Occupancy rate
Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description

In the framework of the new FWO research project "VisioFlow: Advanced macro-model generation based on micro-scale visualization experiments of two-phase flow through porous sedimentary rocks" we have an open position for a PhD student within the Pore-scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group (PProGRess-UGent), member of the UGent expertise Centre for X-ray Tomography (

Short abstract of the project: Many important geological questions are related to the understanding of fluid flow through the pores of geological materials on the field scale. Often, these questions involve the flow of two (or more) fluids which do not mix, in which case their behavior is driven by interfaces between the fluids at the microscopic scale of the pores. The current lack of understanding of the dynamics of these interfaces inside the pore system impedes the derivation of accurate models at the field scale. These limitations plead for a rational mathematical approach, based on upscaling of models developed at the pore scale, which incorporate various characteristics that can be observed and measured there. The objective of this research project is thus to develop reliable, experimentally-driven macroscale mathematical models of two-phase flow through geological media, by combining pore scale visualization experiments (performed by the PhD student at UGent) with mathematical modeling and upscaling techniques (performed by a PhD student at Hasselt University, in the team of Prof. Sorin Pop). The key challenges for the UGent PhD student in this project will be the 3D characterisation of the behavior of the fluid interfaces (notably wettability) throughout geological materials.

We offer an employment contract of 2 years with the possibility for an extension of 2 additional years.

Profile of the candidate

Applicants should have:

  • - a master’s degree (or equivalent) in Geology, (Bio)engineering, Physics or equivalent, with a high interest in experimental research (mainly lab and imaging techniques)
  • - an independent and well-organized working style, demanding high quality of your own work.
  • - well-developed social skills directed towards working in an interdisciplinary team, excellent interpersonal and communicative skills.
  • - strong motivation to succeed in scientific research, excellent presentation and scientific writing skills
  • - very good to excellent English language skills (verbally and written).

How to apply

Applications must contain the following documents in English: a personal (motivation) letter and curriculum vitae (a proof of English language skills is always an added value). The documents should be sent to , using as subject of your mail: VisioFlow_your name