Postdoctoral fellow

Last application date
Jun 24, 2019 11:59
WE06 - Department of Chemistry
Employment category
Doctoral fellow
Limited duration
degree in chemistry or materials science
Occupancy rate
Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description

We aim at laying the foundations for a new generation of laser systems that utilize semiconductor nanocrystals as the gain medium. In particular, the research will focus on colloidal nanocrystals synthesized using wet chemistry, with special attention to perovskite-based materials, to form optically pumped CW microlasers. Lasers will be fabricated using UGent’s proven nanocrystal-in-silicon nitride technology, which readily allows for the integration of multiple lasers on a single chip. This multidisciplinary project involves multiple aspects, including:

  1. The synthesis of new nanocrystals for optical gain, covering the visible and near IR wavelengths.
  2. The characterization of colloidal nanocrystals as optical gain material using advanced optical spectroscopy.
  3. The design, formation and characterization of individual nanocrystal-based microlasers.
  4. The integration of nanocrystals-based microlasers in multilaser systems.

Intermediate results will be discussed with a user committee of local companies to come to an operational and useful laser demonstrator by the end of the project.

The postdoctoral researchers will be offered a two-year position, renewable up to a maximum duration of three years.

Profile of the candidate

The postdoctoral researcher will focus on the design, formation and characterization of microlasers and laser system, with the goal to achieve CW operation under optical pumping and vertical, out of plane emission. Microlasers will be fabricated in the UGent clean room, which is fully equipped for the hybrid processing involved in nanocrystal-laser formation. The postdoctoral researchers must hold a Ph.D. degree in materials science, physics or photonics, or show otherwise experience with integrated photonic components. A strong interest in multidisciplinary, application-oriented research including design, fabrication and characterization of optical components is a plus.

How to apply

To apply for this position, please send your c.v., relevant degree, motivation letter and contact information for 2 references to, using the subject line “application PROCEED postdoc” respectively.

The application deadline is the 24th of June 2019.