Post-doc position on micro-transfer-printing of III-V/Si lasers (H2020 – MEDPHAB)

Last application date
Nov 01, 2019 11:59
TW05 - Department of Information technology
Employment category
Postdoctoral staff member group 2
Unlimited duration with clause
PhD in integrated optics
Occupancy rate
Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description

Silicon photonics is a field that is maturing and attracting strong interest from industry and academia to realize miniaturized photonic systems for applications in datacommunication, telecommunication and sensing, as well as in other emerging fields. However, currently the lack of wafer-scale integrated laser source and optical amplifier hampers a take up of the technology in other markets. Several technologies are being developed in the Photonics Research Group to accommodate this such as flip-chip integration, die-to-wafer bonding and hetero-epitaxial growth. In recent years, in the Photonics Research Group, much emphasis is put on the use of a novel integration approach, micro-transfer-printing, to realize the integration of such III-V semiconductor laser sources. The approach combines the advantages of flip-chip integration (pre-processing and pre-testing of the devices) and die-to-wafer bonding (high throughput integration). Several successful proof-of-principle demonstrations have been made using this approach on a die level using in-house III-V semiconductor device fabrication, such that the time is right to further mature this approach and demonstrate the wafer-scale integration. You will be working in the H2020 pilot line project MEDPHAB to further mature the micro-transfer-printing of III-V-on-silicon lasers. This includes the transfer of the III-V semiconductor device technology to a III-V foundry, the demonstration of the micro-transfer-printing on a 200mm wafer-scale as well as the demonstration of state-of-the-art III-V/Si tunable lasers on this platform, addressing applications in spectroscopy and optical communication. You will be designing photonic integrated circuits in the imec silicon photonics platforms, as well as do III-V semiconductor / transfer printing process development in the Ghent University cleanrooms. You are also responsible for the III-V/Si tunable laser characterization.

Profile of the candidate

You have a PhD in integrated optics. You have a strong track record in the design, fabrication and characterization of III-V semiconductor devices and their heterogeneous integration on silicon photonic integrated circuits. You possess strong verbal and written English communication skills allowing you to effectively communicate with industrial and academic partners, also those that are not experts in photonics and photonic integrated circuits.

How to apply

Please submit your expression of interest with resume and motivation letter by no later Nov 1 2019 by applying online through the following link: