End-of-Waste (EoW) is a multidisciplinary consortium of 30+ research groups from AUGent working on the valorisation of biomass to facilitate the transition towards a more circular and biobased economy.


To encourage and facilitate Science-2-Business (S2B) collaborations in closing the loop of biological (side) stream valorisation to improve production efficiency according to a zero-waste approach and to stimulate the transition towards a more circular and sustainable biobased economy.


Recovery of the valuable compounds from the biological streams and incorporating them in the sectors such as: food&feed, agronomy, cosmetics, textiles, chemicals. Possibilities are endless, but here are some examples:



  • fertilizers, soil enhancers,
  • antimicrobial, antioxidative additives
  • colorants/pigments
  • fillers, adhesives, solvents,
  • fibres and oils replacing synthetic products
  • bio-based building blocks for chemicals
  • other bio-based substitutes for fossil resources, such as plastics, fine chemicals, energy carriers


How to collaborate with us?

We listen to the industry needs and set-up applied R&D projects to meet the wishes of researchers and companies.

 Long and short term collaboration is possible via:

  • Bilateral research projects
  • R&D projects and co-development of technologies
  • Partnership in the national and international subsidized projects (VLAIO, H2020, Horizon Europe, …)
  • Licensing, patenting, spin-offs
  • Projects with the finality of Internship, MSc or PhD based on the company needs 


UGent liaison with industry is executed by a network of specialized business development centres supported by the Central Technology Transfer Office (CTTO).

UGent CTTO consists of a team of specialists (business lawyers, IP advisors and attorneys, business developers and investment managers) to facilitate Science2Business collaboration.


Industrial Liaison Network